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How to Make An Egg Chair the Focal Point of Your Back Garden | Blog | The Elms

How to Make An Egg Chair the Focal Point of Your Back Garden

When you’re looking for the best egg chair to put in your garden, there are a few things you need to consider. The first thing is the size of the chair. Our standard-sized egg chair is the perfect size for smaller to medium gardens. They can easily be moved around to fill any empty space and can rotate back and forth so you can easily stay in the flow of conversation. If you have a larger space, you might be interested our double egg chair which is ideal for catching up with a friend or lounging across for afternoon nap. Another thing to consider when choosing an egg chair is how often it will be used. If it’s going to be used often and for long periods of time, then it might be worth considering getting a more expensive one because they are usually higher quality and can last longer than lower-priced models.

Style of Egg Chairs

There are many different styles of egg chair. While an egg chair will always be an eyecatching piece of furniture in your garden, it should complement your overall outdoor living aesthetic.

The egg chair of choice for outdoors is a swinging egg chair. These hanging chairs are mounted on a stand which eliminates the need to hang the chair from a ceiling and lets you set it wherever you choose.

The chair has an egg-shaped seat which makes you feel like you’re sitting in your own private cocoon and when you add a colourful throw to the mix, it becomes a cosy little heaven on cooler evenings.

Our range of egg chairs are made from synthetic Everweave which is multi-toned for an incredibly realistic effect, a durable steel frame and EcoCore polyester cushioning to provide a sustainable, long-lasting chair that will give you comfort and value for many years to come.

Our egg chairs come in a range of colours and tones to match your personal style, for instance, our Monaco Sand egg chair is perfect for a fresh and coastal aesthetic while the Provence egg chair feels organic with its earth and stone colour scheme.

How to Care for an Egg Chair After You Purchase One

Our egg chairs are made up of a synthetic weave shell, a strong steel stand and polyester fibre cushions. With all these materials, the process of cleaning an egg chair is fairly simple.


The non-toxic PE (Polyethylene) weave is made to withstand UV radiation, rain, chlorine, and seawater. As a result, this weave is incredibly simple to maintain and keep clean. To clean your weave, just use warm, soapy water. To get in between those harder-to-reach woven places, use a small brush (such as a toothbrush).

Pole and stand

During production the metal frames undergo a 3-step protection treatment. With this procedure, you can be confident that your goods will be protected to the greatest standard and last for many years. However, regular garden mildew may accumulate on your product after some time outside, especially in damper, cooler temperatures. This is normal and can be removed with ease. Simply clean your metal frames with warm, soapy water.


When it’s raining, it’s best to bring cushions inside to protect the appearance of the fabric. Eden season-proof cushions should only be spot cleaned; machine washing is not recommended.

Our Range of Egg Chairs

We love our range of egg chairs. Each has its own character and style which injects an extra piece of personality into your outdoor living space. The varied shapes and colour tones provide plenty of choice to find the perfect egg chair to match to the other pieces in your garden set.
Monaco Stone Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

Our Monaco Stone Egg Chair is the perfect addition to anyone’s garden. Comfy, cozy and sitting out all year round. It has an all-weather pebble grey synthetic weave frame and an ash grey cushion for ultimate comfort. The stone-inspired color will match the surroundings and the sturdy construction will last for years. Its design will last a lifetime and bring joy to your garden. When only the best will do, we have the perfect egg chair for you.

Monaco Stone Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms
Provence Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms
Provence Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish way to relax after a long day of work, then this is it. Give your back garden a new, modern feel with our Provence Egg Chair! This piece is made from an all-weather synthetic weave frame and features a lattice style back and open sides. Cosy up in the seasonproof seat with a comfy back cushion in a stylish fossil grey. The Provence Egg Chair is perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with a book. Say goodbye to tired old garden chairs and hello to a piece of furniture that’s as fun as it is functional!

Salzburg Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

Our Salzburg Egg Chair is definitely not your average chair. It hints at Austrian-inspired design which makes it an incredible piece of art. It features extraordinary craftsmanship with its modern true egg shape and a value for traditional materials with its dove grey twisted double-layered weave which is incredibly durable and will make your garden or porch look like it was made for royalty. Sink into the the comfortable grey armchair-style cushion and relax back against the separate headrest. Say goodbye to your boring outdoor chairs and say hello to this one instead!

Salzburg Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms
Monaco Sand Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms
Monaco Sand Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

Our Monaco Sand Egg Chair is the perfect outdoor hanging seat to bring a coastal feel to your space. Sometimes you need to relax. Sometimes you need to read. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. It’s the perfect place to enjoy reading a book, sipping some lemonade, or even just curling up with a cozy throw in the evening. The sandy-grey weave gives this egg chair an organic feel and provides a sturdy yet breathable frame for the lightweight oatmeal coloured cushion.

Bergen Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

Enjoy the tranquility of your garden in our Bergen Egg Chair It has a classic woven round back chair shape in durable sandy-grey synthetic weave. This chair is perfect for those who want to escape from their busy lives and enjoy the peace and quiet offered by a garden setting. With its Scandinavian-inspired design, this chair accentuates functionality, minimalism, and clean, simple lines without compromising beauty. The contemporary oatmeal colour armchair-style cushion gives ultimate comfort as you feel safely cocooned in the true egg shape of the frame. It is a great addition to any garden, porch or balcony!

Bergen Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

An egg chair for two

Oslo Double Egg Chair | Outdoor Living | Egg Chairs | The Elms

The trendiest new egg chair for the garden, our Oslo Double Egg Chair. This double egg chhair is designed in contemporary nordic-style which adds a minimalist and clean look to your patio or porch. Get cozy with a loved one – our Oslo Double Egg chair is perfect for outdoor relaxation! This two-person seat is perfect for lounging outside with a friend or just reading your favorite book. The tight synthetic weave frame resists wear and tear and offers shelter from the breeze while the deep, comfy seasonproof cushions give you more than enough room to stretch out.

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