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Interior DesignExploring the Latest Interior Design Trends for 2023
Exploring the Latest Interior Design Trends for 2023 | Blog | The Elms

Exploring the Latest Interior Design Trends for 2023

As we enter 2023, interior design trends are evolving to create a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere in our homes. We are seeing the return of the 70s, with warm colours, gold accents and dark wood making a comeback. The resurgence of ‘modern farmhouse’ is also becoming popular, as well as playful designs that evoke feelings of joy and wellbeing. Dopamine décor is all about creating an environment that stimulates creativity and productivity. All these trends are set to make your home look stylish and inviting for the coming year.

Top 5 Interior Design Trends of 2023 and How to Incorporate Them into Your Home

Playful designs

Playful designs | Blog | The Elms
Playful designs bring a sense of joy into any room. Designing your home with playful elements can be a great way to make your space more inviting and uplifting. By surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, you can create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This can be achieved through “playful dopamine dressing” – using colour, pattern and tactile furnishings to create a joyful atmosphere. Not only will this bring joy into your home, but it can also help to boost your mood and productivity levels. Check out some our playful accent cushions.

The 70s comeback

The 70s comeback | Blog | The Elms

We’ve seen the styles of the 1970s making a comeback over the past year. With the rise in work from home, many people are feeling a need for a relaxed environment that evokes a comforting sense of nostalgia. Elements of 70s decor are popping up in homes, as people seek to create a relaxed and familiar atmosphere in their homes.


This trend is all about bringing back the fun and vibrant energy of the era. It’s about embracing the colour palette of the time and creating a space that feels warm and inviting – including bold colours such as mustard, burgundy, burnt orange, and even lime green. Check out some of our bold home decor

Warm colours

Warm colours | Blog | The Elms

This next trend is a style element from the 1970s that has risen above the rest in popularity. Warmer colours are becoming increasingly popular in the world of paint trends.  Inky blues are becoming increasingly popular as a dramatic way to colour-block when paired with other bold colours and create an eye-catching look. Neutral palettes are also maintaining their popularity, as they can be easily mixed and matched with different furnishings.

Gold accents

Gold accents | Blog | The Elms

The use of gold accents in interior design is a trend that is here to stay. Gold metallics are making their way into living spaces, adding a sophisticated and timeless touch to the home. From light fixtures to picture frames and even gold mirrors, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this trend into your home.

Gold accents can be used for both classic and contemporary designs, giving you the freedom to express your style and make your space unique. Whether you want something bold or subtle, gold accents can bring a touch of elegance and glamour to any room. Check out our gold accent ideas.

Dark wood

Dark wood | Blog | The Elms

Dark wood is a classic interior design trend that has been around for centuries. It is strong and durable, making it a long-lasting choice for any home. Common types of dark wood used in interior design include ash, pine, teak, oak, beech and mahogany. Each of these woods have their own distinctive appearance and are used to create a variety of styles from traditional to modern. Dark wood can be used in flooring, furniture and cabinetry to create an inviting atmosphere that will last for years to come.

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Keep your eye on sustainable & eco-friendly designs to Bring A New Level of Comfort to Homes in 2023

As the world continues to shift towards sustainable living, eco-friendly designs are becoming more popular in homes. In 2023, these designs will bring a new level of comfort to homes. Sustainable furniture trends are all about using natural materials and minimizing energy consumption, and a good place to start is in our outdoor spaces with our garden furniture.

This summer, keep an eye out for eco-friendly designs that are not only stylish but also sustainable. With these trends at the forefront of interior and exterior design, homeowners can look forward to creating beautiful spaces that prioritise comfort and sustainability.

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