Made to order wallpaper by Farrow & Ball

At the Elms we offer Farrow & Ball Custom Wallpaper, made to order specially for you! Most wallpapers are made with ink, but not not Farrow & Ball. They use their own richly pigmented paint and traditional block and trough printing methods to give a uniquely tactile finish, creating a seamless connection between paint and paper.

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It begins with rolls of high quality paper and a brushed on coat of Farrow & Ball paint, creating the first layer of texture.

Most ground colours are drawn from F&B’s timeless collection of 132 paints, while others are specially developed as a wallpaper background colour. Once painted, the papers are passed through a warm drying oven and stowed carefully in rolls until the pattern is applied.

Print Techniques

Flat Bed Printing

For larger wallpaper designs and longer pattern repeats, a traditional flat bed block printing method is used . Inspired by 18th century techniques, each block is carefully engraved by hand.

paint is then applied to the beautifully etched surface through a trough and roller and the block is pressed onto the paper, just like a stamp.

The block is then slowly raised and the paper moved forward. The next impression must be exactly aligned to create perfectly seamless patterns.

Roller Block Printing

Designs such as Samphire are incredibly intricate, and achieving such accuracy and attention to detail during printing is a real art. Roller block printing is perfect for the job, and allows for ever more sophisticated designs.

Firstly, the design is hand engraved onto a cylinder and carefully coated with a foam roller passing through a paint filled trough. The roller block is then rolled onto the paper to print the pattern.

Similar to flat bed block prints, the unique texture of this method is achieved by the way the roller releases the paint as it peels off the paper.

Trough Printing

For striped and dragged papers the trough printing method is used. It’s a meticulous process that requires absolute attention to detail and a great deal of patience.

It’s important here that the texture of the paint is just right for a smooth and even flow through the trough pads and onto the paper, creating our signature tactile finish.

Paint flows into the trough, through foam pads, and onto the paper to create the pattern. The paper is then oven dried stored carefully in rolls.

Pattern Examples

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