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The Pink Card – The Elms Privilege Card

In December of 2013 we introduced our version of the loyalty card system simply as a thank you to our loyal and supportive customers We called it the Privilege card instead of a loyalty card as we wanted to stress it is our privilege to have you visit and shop with us And it’s Pink as it’s one of our trademark colours, representing eclecticism and vibrancy

To sign up for your Pink Privilege card please fill out the secure online form below and we will post your card to you As a Pink Privilege Club Member you will benefit from:

  • Exclusive Privilege Club Events
  • Pre-Sale Days
  • Special Pink Card Offers and Discounts for card holders only

Sign up for your Pink Privilege Card today


For every €1 you spend with us in store, you will earn 5 points (5%)

Upon reaching a minimum of 2000 points you are rewarded €20 on your card to spend on whatever you wish in store on your next purchase. (for more info please see Terms & Conditions)

The more you spend the more you will receive back.

To find out how many points you have earned and how much you are entitled to off your next purchase you can:

  • Ask at any till in store (excluding the restuarant)
  • Call us on + 353 45 45 87 60 60 during business hours
  • Email us

Note: you must provide us with your card number and pin number, both are located on the bottom of the back of your card

  • The Terms and Conditions here on in may be amended at any time by The Elms, please check back for any developments
  • The scheme is run by The Elms, Punchestown, Naas, Co. Kildare; you will find our company details at the bottom of the screen
  • The program commenced in December 2013
  • These terms and conditions govern the program for its duration and set out in full the contract between The Elms and you, the Pink Privilege cardholder
  • Acceptance of your Pink Privilege Card constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
  • Upon signing up for your Pink Card we will send you texts and emails, you can remove your details from both of these databases if you so wish, your personal details will not be shared with any third party, please see our Privacy Policy for more details
  • You must either present your Elms Pink Privilege Card when you make a purchase in store or provide the staff member with your personal details in order to earn points on that purchase
  • It may take up to 14 working days to process your New Registration Form if completed online -and benefits will only apply from this day
  • We have 3 Levels of Earning:
  • Level 1: You will earn 5 points for every €1 you spend (5%), based on spending €1 – €3500 points (you must spend a minimum of €400 before you are eligible to redeem your points, worth €20 off your next purchase)
  • Level 2: You will earn 7 points for every €1 you spend (7%), based on spending €3501 – €7500
  • Level 3: You will earn 10 points for every €1 you spend (10%), based on spending €7501 +
  • Points can only be earned at the higher threshold on the transaction following the purchase which qualified the customer for the increased points
  • Increased points will not be applied retrospectively to any element of the qualifying purchase
  • Information on this will be made available to you upon qualifying for the higher threshold
  • We will review card holder accounts on the 1st of every month (or the first Monday thereafter) & you will be moved up a level from that date onwards
  • We may also offer bonus points in our absolute discretion at certain times.
  • You can check your points balance in store with a sales consultant, by calling us on + 353 45 87 60 60 during business hours, or email, please provide us with your card number and pin number, both are located on the bottom of the back of your card
  • Please note: Please notify us immediately if your card is lost/stolen so we can cancel it and move your points to a new card
  • Your Pink Privilege Card is not a cheque guarantee, debit or credit card and it may not be redeemed for cash
  • Pink Privilege Cards are for persons aged over 18’s only
  • Points will not be earned on items purchased online
  • Points will not be earned on delivery charges
  • Points will not be earned on items on account until the goods are paid for in full
  • Points will not be earned and balances may not be redeemed during Sale time (the months of January & August), on promotional/special offers or during discounted store events
  • Points will be deducted from your card for items returned and will be edited for items exchanged where appropriate
  • Points will be deducted from your card for deposit items uncollected
  • Points will not be earned on the purchase of The Elms Gift Card
  • Points will not be earned or are redeemable in our Elms Gourmet Pantry
  • On the 1st April every year at 12am points earned in the previous calendar year will expire and card holders on higher levels will be reviewed bi-annually (Oct 1st & April 1st)