FLV Feeding Wedge Bird Seed Accessories

This feeding wedge with 4 seasons feed is ready to be suspended and put to use. A separate bird feeder is unnecessary, with this triangular cardboard silo filled with feed and supplied with a cord so that it is quite easily suspended somewhere in the garden. Two pre perforated areas on the back will upon pressure open up to allow you to offer feed to several birds at the same time. Thanks to the transparent window on the front it is possible to see how much feed is left in the package.

  • assortment of 4 designs
  • filled with four seasons food
  • including natural jute rope

  • Article nameFeeding wedge bird seed ass.
  • Article numberFB388
  • Assortmentyes, assortment of 4
  • ProductgroupsBirds&Wildlife, Feeding Systems, Feeding Silos
  • Product dimensions in cmL 8.1 x W 8.2 x H 23.7
  • MaterialIngredients: black sunflower seeds, yellow millet, striped sunflower seeds, chopped peanuts, sunflower hearts, red millet, black rape seed, chopped corn, wheat, raisins.Guarenteed analysis: carbohydrates 45.6 %, fat 21.7 %, protein 16.2 %, moisture 8 %,
  • Gross weight0.457 kg
  • Net weight0.415 kg